Hello everyone,

I’m Norbert, and I started this website to share some of my ideas with you concerning a fair and more logical society system.

The main goal of my website and my upcoming book is to introduce a system where honest working people will have a fair share for their contribution and an other equally important goal is to help people get out from negativities (which is the main subject of my first book “Meditation and the book of Time and Life Management”).

Currently there are many hard working people who have to work overtime and apply for second jobs to be able to pay their bills and for their basic necessities. We were told that companies must compete to better serve our interests. But what kind of competitions are there? And who pays the ultimate price?

Let’s say. We have 3 mobile phone providers which compete with each other. There are 3 CEO-s, CFO-s, marketing managers, and their cars, luxurious desires -there are designers, shop assistants, sellers, help desks… 3 times more shops, non compatible systems and solutions etc.

They vary the prices, the terms and conditions and the “services”, and we not only loose money, but also pay with our time. Comparing prices, re-reading documents… To achieve lower prices they cut their employees’ salaries increase their working hours, reduce their breaks and expecting more customers to be served or products to be made using less time. And for what? More stress more unhappiness and faulty products.

Wouldn’t it be easier for us to have only 1 provider, with a maintenance team, a science team, and a few team leaders with pleasant working conditions? To stick with the phone and internet provider example the only thing that we actually need is to use those phones and systems, and for that the only service we require is maintenance and system improvement. We would pay only for the workers and would bypass many unnecessary job titles, advertisement and transportations.

The competitions would be on the science level not on the consumer level. Most of the time consumers base their decision on how shiny the products are and are not aware of the wastes that are involved in the whole process (or simply don’t care). On the other hands scientists know exactly what the areas are they should improve and they could do it the best way possible if they get enough support which they don’t receive from the CEO-s. Science teams could compete and use every available tool to create better systems and we could “finance” their efforts (by creating tools they need and contributing individually as assistants). The reason we should get rid of copyright and patent restrictions is to not restrict their access to new discoveries and to give them the chance to work with the best available technology. (The inventors would still get their compensations but maybe they could not generate and accumulate more wealth they could never ever spend in their lifetime.)

We need common grounds on where we can communicate with each other -and for that we need a system and standards (if we don’t want to go back to the complete earth community system -where we are under threat of strong and barbaric people). With standards we wouldn’t have 10 mobile phone adapters in our drawers -we would have only 1, and every future device would be compatible with it. With this we could save a lot of material, effort, and fuels… And yes these ideas are closer to communism than to capitalism but we mustn’t make the mistake to compare communism to the Chinese and Soviet system. Those systems are closer to dictatorships and police state which never support individualism.

And individualism is important, and cannot flourish in the uncontrolled capitalist system which is about money, and if it is concentrated in the wrong hands it destroys local farms, nature in general, and creates lots of stress, leads to military states with the use of advanced surveillance systems. In its end state capitalism supports and protects 1-2-3% of the population and keeps the other 99-98-97% in fear and in health destructive workplaces. (To give you an example please consider that now many jobs are created to spy on each others, and to restrict further our freedom in the name of fighting terrorism.)

And we work too much -and I’m not talking about that official 8 hours which is only half of the story. We should include travel (which for one could be 1-3 hours/day), we should include preparation (both ourselves and the preparations of our food), and additionally other supportive activities. And we should not forget that when we are finally at home (if we have one) we clean and cook and we study flyers to save some money. (Yes we are not entirely innocent if we waste our savings in McDonalds and to buy Coca-Cola and products we don’t need -20th T-shirt, makeup… or to pay interests because we wanted a bigger TV or a luxurious travel -so no matter where we are and how much we earn we cannot save a single penny a month (at least most of us).)

We shouldn’t work 8 hours (except if we love what we’re doing, and what we’re doing is our hobby and not really our job), but on the other hand we should see more our children, and friends, and enjoy life. Our whole life circles are around our jobs and the internet which is unhealthy and destructive. With proper planning and by really using our technological discoveries we could easily reduce our cumulative working hours without suffering any significant technological and comfort level loss (yes for that we need to give up some of our media generated desires for products that are no use for everyone.)

The problem is that we use our technologies to produce garbage. No matter what we buy it will end up in the dustbin within 2-3 years or sooner because they are designed to be so. E.g.: a light bulb could last for 20-30 thousand or more hours but it is calibrated to last only for a maximum 1000 hours just to be able to sell more and so in the process we waste lots of material and man hours (naturally light bulbs belong to the past and we should ban to produce according to these kinds of technologies, if we have better technology).

The system that we are working on is not serving us, it’s against us.

We don’t know how to make different tools anymore, e.g.: our shoes are made 10000 miles away from our homes, and for that we should use transportation, which in return pollute our air and rivers and makes us more vulnerable to illnesses. We should start to produce our tools locally and regionally, and we must learn how to produce without machines even though we could use machines at every walk of life.

Local and regional production is our safeguard. If the big systems fails we will be in big trouble -bigger the system, bigger the trouble. Just a small disturbance and we will be out of many products, which will also shatter our inner confidence. How confident a girl would be with hair on her legs? And this is just by removing the shaving products. What about without makeup, or creams…

Yes the girls’ and women’s situations are always worse since they are expected to wear makeup; do their hairs and skin almost every day. They should wear high healed shoes, shave their whole body on a regular basis. Additionally in most of the cases the women are the one who are responsible running the household and raising their children. In return they are exhausted and their feet, their skin, and their hair is destroyed by the products they use which are full of chemicals which are made out of crude oil and are toxic in most of the cases.

The good news is that even those useless products could be made locally or regionally with little transport using natural and not toxic ingredients. And instead wasting our precious metals on cans for beans, we could pile up regionally and make only useful products. Instead drinking bottled water we could drink tap water, which could be filtered locally to remove chlorines or fluoride (with some extra devices if someone thinks it’s necessary). Instead importing washing powders, we could make them locally, using simple elements, and we don’t need to import apples, if we are full of them in our backyard.

So what would be our benefits? Apart from not poisoning our body with chemicals, and wastes and apart from not poisoning our environment (water, soil, air, food) we could have more time for ourselves and our friends since we would use only the best products without the need from choosing from the different trademarks and packages which are basically made from the same components.

And yes you might guessed well that certain jobs would be ceased forever.

– Less marketing, less managers, less accountants,

– Less security guards (if everyone can benefit from the system, there will be no need to steal… -and with that less surveillance system -the people who should be monitored are the managers, politicians, but only when they dealing with business issues)

– There would be no need for national armies and to further develop military technologies (if there will be no nations, not even 1 nation)

– No need for market analyzing… -Because we simply want the best. We don’t need limited products that require the same amount of material and transportation, compared to the most advanced ones. Instead of market analysis we would fill out a questionnaire to find out what do we actually want and what importance do we contribute to each and every item on the list. E.g.: what is important shaving, canning apples or knives, that is – for what to use our metal?

-In general there would be less need for controlling, administrational managerial jobs. (Most of them would be done by computers.)

-If the society is healthy and can discuss their problem with one another there would be less need for psychologists, and additionally since we would be healthier there would be less need for different pharmaceutical drugs, which we should use only if there’s no natural alternative available.

On the other hand there would be new jobs:

-Engineers could focus on cleaning up after the damage we created in the twentieth century (which also helped us come and work closer together but no longer serving our personal and global interest, which is: more to be loved and more to enjoy life). They could work on these issues instead of working on new engines that still use fossil fuels or instead of calibrating machines to produce new plastic action figures (which will be out of the market within a few years or months).

And well if there’s no job -we would work less by sharing the real workload since by removing the unnecessary jobs we would have more people who can contribute in the industries that manufacture useful products. So instead of working 8 hours a day we would work an average 4-5 hours a day and beside that we could attend workshops with our friends as part of our 7-9 working hours (which considers traveling and administration as well). (So in general there would be more variety.)

Maybe the system I’m talking about is not for everyone. Maybe some people would not enjoy the options they would have especially if you’re wealthy, lazy or if there’s no need for your current skill that you worked for and are respected for. So maybe 5-10% of the population would be unhappy, but on the other hand at least 90% of the population suffers now. Even rich people suffer, because they are anxious protecting their properties and some of them cannot even leave their house without bodyguards. And it is so – If you’re millionaire you invest huge amount of money into security devices and services, you are monitored by your own people, if you are poor you spend your time reading best buy offers and you are constantly afraid of loosing your job that you hate, but which is the only one that takes you.

We should think globally and locally as well and we should consider that there are more than 7 billion people on Earth today (which we should not increase further). We should not be separated, we should not create separate societies, but, we need to work locally with regional and global contribution and cooperation. I would definitely forbid transporting foods, and goods, from far away lands, if it can be manufactured, and produced locally, or in the given continent. There are of course some materials, that are scarce on different continents, and we should not monopolize those resources. -Those resources belong to everyone on earth. No nation is above other nations. No man is above man or woman, and everyone should benefit from the latest discoveries (well maybe not the pedophiles and the cruel people). (Yes in case of natural disaster we should help others even if we have to transport -but I think this is just a natural behavior for every loving person who wants to help others).

Currently one of our major problems is overpopulations and we should address this issue, until it will be too late. It’s interesting to observe that most of the birth are in poor countries or in highly religious communities that would never use any form of contraception. We should however know that at some point -considering our needs and technology- our Earth cannot support equally so many people especially if we manufacture waste products.

I think with proper education we could change these behaviors and believes and we can maintain our population on a healthy level. That can be achieved without violence, but with understanding.

Everyone should benefit from the latest technology, and we shouldn’t produce low quality.

So what is my website vr2b1.org and my book is about?

The basic goal is to share information and to raise awareness. In its mature form it can create proper shelters and homes for people in need (with their help) and for people who are abused or misunderstood. I believe that this all can be achieved if we are ready to give up some of our destructive habits as the lowest form of contribution.

I also believe that a single organization or a people cannot solve everyone’s problem but it can enable and facilitate things. If you have a million dollar for your own you could use it in 2 ways. 1) You could build up a small system and you could donate a building for your local charity organization in your neighborhood to help homeless people or 2) you could buy a Lamborghini or travel to far away lands regularly which is no good for anyone. Naturally you could teach them to learn skills and give them land to work on and tools to work with. -this would be the best choice since even if they cannot sell their products at least their food and shelter is covered -but this one would be a bigger (not a million dollar) project and there are many complication that one should consider (e.g.: obstructive regulations, and not cooperative people).

So even if the organization can buy up and build with the help of its members 10000 houses it seems like a little drop in the ocean of 7 billion people and if the organization is to big there’s a higher chance of corruption without proper control system. So in the beginning I will mainly focus on advertisement of the ideas and later or simultaneously we can figure out ways establishing local and regional self governing networks and connecting the now existed ones so that we could work together harmoniously.

Our politicians failed so we have to take matters in our hands. We have to be the ones who initiate changes that will better our lives (directly and indirectly -without joining to any organization).

  • We don’t want our money to be spent on developing weapons and fighting wars and killing people and making people homeless for resources.
  • We don’t want to be monitored everywhere we go and we don’t want to be poisoned officially approved chemicals.
  • We don’t want to work like robots by the conveyor belt or stuck in an office environment for a life getting just enough to buy food, some clothes, and pay the mortgage or rent while using products that will surely go to the dumpster within a maximum of 4-6 years.
  • We don’t want to stuck in a bad relationship because we don’t have the means to buy our own 4 walls, and
  • We don’t want our children to be educated with good for nothing subjects for 8-16 years, so as in the end they will end up buy a conveyor belt, which doesn’t require more than 2 years of education, or in a dull and boring office doing the same meaningless tasks, that could be easily performed with the help of technology, or that are completely useless. Most of our jobs could be performed by machines, and if they cannot, those are the jobs we need to concentrate, otherwise we waste our time and material (especially if they produce junk -what a global waste.)

   What we want is healthy environments, free energy devices, less work and more time with our family and friends, and peace for every non-violent creature. And all this can be achieved even on our current technological level.

In my book I’m going to show you how.

Thanks and all the best

norbert szentkerszti

                  norbert szentkereszti (vr2b1org)

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