The world is a Hologram

The world is a Hologram idea

This article is from the book “Meditation and the book of Time and Life Management (version 1.0) -by Norbert (2015)” (To read the whole book online visit or subscribe here and get the pdf edition for free.)

Hologram theory and the human game

The hologram is a special kind of picture that is produced by a laser and that looks three-dimensional. According to the Hologram theory our world is a big hologram and we live in a total immersion movie while playing the human game. This hologram was created by our “Infinite I” (which can be also named as “Expanded Self”), in order to experience limitation and many other feelings limitation creates or enhances through the body, including e.g.: a relief after a negative situation… She created this game because she is infinite and in her state she cannot experience limitation.

In the first part of the game you were totally immerged in the hologramic movie, you lived your life according to limiting life views, habits and ideas that created many negative emotions in you, but this limitation also helped you to experience and understand more about limitlessness and freedom, after those negative situations and people were not around. Feelings and ideas that hinders you to leave a situation, or that hinders you to express yourself in a situation or under special circumstances are the signs of limiting beliefs with supporting thoughts like e.g.: “The other has more right to do this and that”, “I don’t think I can do it”, “He can achieve it, because he is…, and I am not”; “What if I do this and that happens that I don’t want that to experience”…

In the second part of the game we face our fears and worries and we achieve things that we thought were impossible. We start to see our life as a big game, we start to recognize limitations, we start to question our beliefs and habits, we analyze them and we make steps transforming them in order to get back our power we gave away to those controlling fearful events and people. While playing the game we start to listen more to our feelings, since every time we experience a negative feeling it is the sign of some sort of limitation or offence, and our goal is in the second phase is to pass through limitation. Whenever we face hardship we have to know that negative feelings indicate that we have given away our power. Limitlessness means that whatever we think of it will immediately materialize (and limitlessness is the state of the “Expanded Self”) and as we progress in our game the time delay between our thoughts and the materialization lessens, although that delay is also a part of a limiting belief. Applying violence while playing the game is not recommended, since if you think you need to apply violence it means that you limit yourself with a thought that you have to apply violence

(If you’ve seen the film Matrix, it is easier to imagine how our world looks like and what the rules are if we consider it as a hologram.

The hologram idea is reverse the idea of the unseen word

 The hologram idea is reverse the idea of the unseen word. If you are religious or spiritual and you attach a body and a form to your God and angels, and to other creatures, you believe something that you don’t see. Many explain that you don’t see these creatures because your eyes are only capable of seeing in a certain frequency range, on the other hand others state that you just don’t look properly. But the reason why you cannot see them from your point of view is actually all the same. If you don’t see them, you don’t see them, but you can believe their existence (especially if it makes you feel good.) If you start believing that your eyes and your ears are limited to a certain frequency range it’s easier to believe that e.g.: other planets are inhabited and there are oceans, trees and many other creatures on those planets (but also on our Earth) in an other frequency range that we cannot conceive… But if we want to believe in the hologram idea, everything is vice versa, since you have to believe that something that you see doesn’t exist. Because according to the hologram theory the books that you read, the apple that you eat, the people who you talk to don’t exist. They are just props and actors in your world saying what your “Infinite I” told them to say in order to get certain reactions from you. Additionally smell, taste, touch is also a hologramic experience like feeling emotions, seeing or hearing.

If we go very deeper into this idea we could say that maybe our past is also not existential and we started our hologramic experience on this very day with a past template (which stores some “memories”, attitude, situational states and relationships). And this might be also a possibility, since according to the theory the “Infinite I” uses different templates, patterns and extras to make creation easier. E.g.: she uses the Earth template, with landscape, weather (rain, wind, cold, hot) patterns that can be layered on each other and she uses extras like cars houses… to make everything more interesting and more real. If you start to see everything like this it looks like that you are always alone and you are walking on an empty Land, even if it’s packed with peoples and things. Additionally e.g.: Tiredness can be also viewed as an illusion. Based upon our past believes, but it can also be a natural reminder that we spend too much time outside, that we immersed too much into the movie and which reminds us to relax, take it easy -it’s just a hologram.

In reality accepting the idea that the world is a big hologram can create a split in many people. Continuously stating that everything that is experienced outside is nothing, not real, everything is an illusion, only a hologram (especially if you have doubt about it, because everything is against it)… can drive people mad. So I would rather recommend observation and “acceptance” of your situations (which also means stopping your negative thoughts) in the first run, than later we could examine more closely our limits and the associated ideas and by analyzing them and coming up with new solutions and methods slowly we could try creating new habits and supportive ideas in order to push limits further till the point they don’t exist (or their influence is minimal).

You are the creator of your feelings

According to the Hologram theory everything that surrounds you is created by your “Infinite I”, and you react to those creations with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. This suggests that you are completely dependent of your Expanded Self, you are her puppet and if she doesn’t want you to experience something you want, she will not give that experience to you. On the other hand if her goal is to experience through you and if the experience from your point of view is also important for her, she is also dependent of you (even though she has many players). (Please note that if you want something it is because you lack of that something, thus you create feelings regarding your minus -and maybe this is what she wants from you at that moment, because for her your negative or positive feelings are all the same -they are just experiences.)

While playing knowingly this game you have to concentrate on your feelings and thoughts and upon observing some negativity shift your emotion and calm yourself down till you can make proper decisions. Hologram books also suggest that you should not judge the experiences because by judging (e.g.: not enough, or bad) you reinforce the illusion, and additionally you should appreciate what you have now and you should reinforce the idea that whatever you experience is only a hologram. These acceptance ideas are not new ideas, since law of attraction books also suggest the appreciation and acceptance but they are also important elements to be applied while playing the human game.

If you are into this hologram game you should observe your situations and the patterns in your life, and try to see what the expanded self is trying to achieve. She’s goal is to get certain feelings from you, and she knows which situation she have to create in your world in order to get a certain feelings from you that she is desires at that moment. So if you feel that the “Infinite I” is messing with you and continuously giving you situations you don’t like, you could also mess with her simply not reacting the way you used to react. If you don’t give her the same feelings and thoughts (which were usually the negative ones) which she desires, she will be confused, but will be determined to find a way to get those feelings out from you (if she’s rather interested in those specific feelings to push those feelings to extremities), but if you are determined not reacting especially negatively she will give up sooner or later (especially if you can enter in the no-mind state).

In “reality” she needs you because you are also creator! You are the creator of your feelings and thoughts (and with your thoughts you can come up with ideas that never existed before!). The expanded self cannot create feelings (especially new feelings) and she is also interested in your thought ideas if they are unique and new. She’s a great architect as far as the hologram is concerned (including props and situations), but the “Infinite I” is nothing as far as the feeling creation is concerned. So if she wants to experience a certain feeling she will give you situations that previously triggered specific feelings from you in the past. But your and her interests are not the same (at least not all the time) especially in the 2nd part of the game. She is interested in any kinds of feelings, being it negative or positive, but you are rather interested in joy and happiness, and maybe gentle reminder negativities. So until she wants to create circumstances which give you happiness you are on the same side, but if she tries to come up with situations that triggered negativity from you in the past, you’re probably not in the same boat, and in such negative occasions you should either be neutral or happy (if you’re goal is not to experience negativity). You could rather laugh about the whole situation instead of immersing again in negativity which would attract only more negativity in your life, because once you are hooked her goal would be to go towards feeling extremities.

So as it might be noticeable in the first part of the game she was totally in control, but in the second part you can also control things, by not giving her what she wants.

How can the “Infinite I” test you -and the empty your mind tactic

If you can manage e.g.: to completely shut down she cannot gain anything from you, cause you would be an empty player as far as your reactions to negativity is concerned. But the moment you can be an empty player especially at will, you also changed your attitude towards many things. E.g.: you probably will not be that fascinated from 1 million dollar or a luxury house as you would have been in the first part of the game and thus she will have problem to feel real joy giving you such things. Now if she cannot gain anything from you she might give you some allowances, she might have to think about things that could induce more happiness in you, because the happiness from your point of view is unique, and if it is also important for her she might want to start to listen to your wants. So you can ask for everything you desire but if the “Expanded Self” doesn’t want that experience, there’s nothing you can do at that moment, only to remain neutral or positive (in thoughts and in feelings). Additionally it should be all the same for you if you get what you wished for or not, since she will test you, and she can do it because now she has something you need or want. What kinds of feelings she can extract from you is again all the same for her especially if your substitute feeling (in that situation) is on the same side (negative or positive) as the expected feeling and in reality and additionally she is interested in many feelings and not just the classic ones or extreme ones like e.g.: love, happiness, anger, hatred, but in feelings like hesitancy, courage, hope, shivering, feeling hot… and you might give her something that she never experienced from your point of view.

So you might go out and in minus 10 grad Celsius but you did not clothes yourself properly and you start saying that e.g.: cold is not real. You could reach to the point where you actually believed it in your situation, you accepted that kind of cold feeling and you did not complain about that and you are happy with the thought that when you arrive home there will be warm again. But what you did not expect is that instead of warm you have to face coldness in your house because your heater broke and suddenly you start shivering and you start to feel anger. Now her goal was with the first scenario to get the anger related to a cold, but since you did not give it to her she used an other opportunity where she thought you will react the old way. You annoyed her in the first situation (which thought would be rather absurd since she cannot create feelings…) in accepting coldness thus she broke your heater to get even an enhanced anger from you.

So what can you do, if she acts like this? The solution is when you feel that she’s messing with you is being totally present, which means stop what you are doing, empty your mind and be an empty (thus useless) player for her again. In that calm state you can think through all your options clear headed and to get back to the heater example above, in that case you can e.g.: call the company or take up 3 coat and 4 trousers… while remaining neutral to the situation or to think about something happy. If the company cannot come immediately choose the trouser option, and go along with your business. (In reality we can say that cold is also a holographic experience, but it is a very deeply engraved belief, and changing it, for most of the people it’s impossible and sleeping outside in -10 degree Celsius would be probably lethal. We could also say that e.g.: breathing is also just a hologramic experience, but since it is so much part of our life we would feel many negativity if we wanted to stop breathing or if we were in a room where there is no oxygen -even though we’ve never seen an oxygen, but we believe it we would probably die within a few minutes…)

(In general we could say that if events cause you feel something you are again in the game, but allowing good non-violent things that give you joy, you would probably not complain about it and you would happily contribute.)

Viewing the “Infinite I” as a helper

Now up until this point I described the “Infinite I” as an enemy, that we should “punish”, if she is messing with us. I did so, because fighting against something is sometimes easier (especially if that is our automatic reaction if we find our self in negativity), but the weapon that I recommended (which is the no-mind state) is a non violent weapon and it is actually good for you to possess in every situation of your life. So if you use the no-thought state as a revenge tool you are actually on the way of shifting your emotions and on the way of changing your life. But going against the “Infinite I” is an enemy idea, which can create negativity in you, on the other hand you could view the infinite I as a assistant (as an aid, a helper, a partner) (after your anger lessened) who only wants you to experience more happiness, and she only gives you those situations because she wants you to experience the limitlessness that she is in, since she thinks you already have the tools that you need to face and destroy your limits and fears. (To be able to find out whether you actually have those tools, or whether you have something you could do instead of being angry, you have to be present.)

So we don’t really know what the real motive of the “Infinite I” is, but if her goal is, that you should experience thoughtlessness in your situations with your experiences and unique point of view, by stopping your thoughts you will not do her anything wrong and probably she would be only happy to see that finally you started to move to the spiritual direction that she wants you to experience. Than if she wants to see how stable your no-thought state is she will test you in many old situations, where she thinks you might have problem stopping your thoughts or in additional (similar) situations where she thinks you might feel negativity. If nothing works, she will change scenes since for her it is in fact equal how we think and how we feel, since for her negative and positive is the same, just an emotional experience. (We only know the difference because we live in a duality and we know that usually we would rather prefer the positive (which we would not understand if we’ve never known negativity.)

Your thoughtless state and your thinking is your unique experience

The thoughtlessness is your own experience to see the world differently and to get closer to the state of the “Infinite I”, because that is also her state. You will get true power through the thoughtlessness and having this “weapon” at hand is a great help in tough situations. The more you can live in the thoughtlessness the more different experience you will have about that state and the more stable your thoughtlessness is the better chance you’ve got solving problems and being happy even in not 1st class situations.

Now I already talked about thoughtlessness from the hologramic point of view but an other hologramic experience is thinking. But thinking is special in that sense that while thinking we can imagine pictures (as well as creating sentences based upon logic), thus we can say that thinking can be a hologram in a hologram. If you start to think about something, if you start to evaluate and create solutions, stories, future events, situations you are also immersed in the game. But there are 2 kinds of thinking: 1 when you think about stupid things to fill out the silence, and to fill out your life till you go to sleep again, and the other one is when you use your brain to create. So your goal should be to catch yourself when you just think to fill out time and than stop that process, because thinking about pointless things is pointless. In reality there’s nothing wrong if you use your brain to create inside this hologram, especially if your creation pleases you and if it pleases many other people in this experience. You must know however that things and situations can only be present in your life and thus in your hologram (especially for longer times), because you think about them (or you accepted a past thought as reality) and with your thinking and belief you energize them. (Usually you think about things and situations because you want to do something about them e.g.: you want to use, change, fix or improve them, but by focusing on those illusions over and over again you make them more and more part of your life, you glue them in your life and thus they became a real experience for you, which is only a problem if you attach some sort of negativity to them.)

How the illusions can vanish

 If you don’t give a thought to those illusions (thus you don’t energize them) or if you overwrite your stone hard beliefs than if you are neutral towards them, they can vanish (or they will not disturb you, because you don’t concentrate on them). There are certain supporting elements that are their in your life because you attach some form of beliefs to them e.g.: you attach features and qualities to places an object, (e.g.: what kinds of things are in your room, how your room and all those things look like, how they smell…) and these things will be there even if you don’t think about them continuously, but you can cancel out and vanish all these hologramic creations. E.g.: if you never go to a place again, that place and all the people and things that were there from your point of view are vanished from your life completely. So if you never go to your working place again, that place is finished, (it’s an other question what will be your next hologramic experience: what you allow according to your beliefs and what your “Expanded Self” planned out for you. If you have many limited beliefs it might be something negative…). Additionally even if you managed to vanish places, you might get back the same situations in your life later, if there was something that you should have achieved from those places and you didn’t achieve that. You might get other places, other people from the “Expanded Self”, but they might put you in the same situations again that you experienced before, and you might get back the same negative feelings. If that happens the problem was that you did not reclaim your power from them fully, which means that if you get in the same situation you will give the “Expanded Self” the same feeling pattern, and that’s why she will give those situations back to you. On the other hand you might picked up many capabilities on the way till you face those similar situations again (including e.g.: courage, knowledge, experience, strength, no-mind…) which might help you to easily pass that additional test created for you by the “Expanded Self”.

Similarly to vanishing “real” things from your life, you can also vanish non supportive thought images from your thoughts. E.g.: if you think continuously of a bad person (who is not even present at your very moment you are in) you could experimenting vanishing that person and every associated thought images concerning that person from your mind. E.g.: first vanish the object of your thought which is the person than vanish all her surroundings, like the table, her chair, than vanish the whole building, start from the top of the wall than continue the vanishing with the floor -slowly reach your foot than vanish yourself as well, if you were also on the scene in your imagination. Naturally you could stop your thinking immediately and thus those thought images vanished from your thoughts immediately, and than you can remain in a no-thought state or you can choose something else to think about. In the no-mind state even the idea of the “Expanded Self” would be pointless…and if we start to think about the whole hologram world idea, it was also created by your belief (which might jeopardize this whole hologram project that you are about to enter or would have entered if I did not ruin your illusion.)

Who is the “Infinite I”

To continue our thinking about the “Infinite I”, we could additionally create stories about her and we could say that what if she was once free to go wherever she wanted, but became afraid of everything including peoples, places, situations but also bacteria and viruses and in her fear she closed herself in a room where she had a hologram creator computer and other staff to support her body in that room and than she started to play video games, to get certain feelings and to get into certain situation that she ignored in her real life because she became afraid. Or what if the even she is just a hologramic creature and what if the original creator is layers above us and what if the Earth is just a cell or that cell is a galaxy? And who knows maybe in the future we can also create a hologramic play field here on Earth and we can also shut ourselves in a room and we can use body supporter devices to maintain our human body -e.g.: which would clean us, feed us, move our body parts and thus which would keep us biologically healthy… In reality we can let our imagination wander just about anything and we can spend days and months in our thinking hologram, and we can entertain ourselves with many of our thoughts, but on the other hand we could start continue playing our human games in our actual Earth hologram and we could set up goals and create beautiful things that never existed before.

The hardship of the Hologram idea

You can read more about hologram theories in Stephen Davis free book “Butterflies are free to fly” (2010).

Now if you read Stephen Davis’s book, but also because of this chapter of my book, you might want to stop applying any methods from my book including the finding out what your real desires and needs are, including my free planning and goal creation system (but maybe you would also ignore my meditation ideas). The truth is that you must have an immense belief to follow the advices of the hologram books, and if you have the slightest of doubt it might not work for you. So it might not be the best idea to start with quitting your job, especially if you worry how you and your children will get their food, because that worry would destroy everything. And really believing ideas how e.g.: the money is created in the hologram is not that simple, because you have to believe it with every cell of your being and I think, that if you have many problems in your life that would be something too big for you to start with. I say one step at a time so start with smaller situations, follow my goal creation and planning ideas, and try to reach the “no-mind” state. The hologram theory is an idea, but believing or rather not being totally close to the theory can help you to reclaim power from people and negative situations you are in.

Reclaiming your power -and leaving your comfort zone

Reclaiming power means that whenever we feel fear or in reality in any kinds of negativity about a person or a situation we give power to them, since whenever they are there they can control our feelings, thoughts and actions. E.g.: if you are nervous making a phone call you might hesitate a few minutes or even hours to make that call or sometimes you don’t even make that call, even if you feel it would be important. But if you apply “the word is a hologram” idea you might pick up the phone dial the number and when the other picks up you start the conversation even if your voice trembles (and even if you have a note about what you want to talk about but even so you make mistakes). The point is that even if you will be not successful with that first call since you took the risk, you left your comfort zone and you changed your old pattern and thus you gained experiences that you can use by every future phone call of yours. With applying the “world is a hologram” idea you could make that first step, because you said that no matter what, those people and phone calls are not real or you said that they are just part of a game, and your goal is to have no pointless limitations. So if you took that first step appreciate your bravery and feel that you expanded! It was the first time you gathered the courage to actually make that call and you did it, thus you reclaimed some power from that fearful situation. This small power will help you in the future to have more confidence dealing with similar situations, or entering not related inexperienced situations and every time you enter you will have more and more confidence thus you will have more power. If you followed your old pattern which was hesitation, you would loose time, but if you act you gain experience.

So whenever you face a situation that causes you discomfort and paralyze you from doing further actions go ahead and deal with the situation since if you can deal with them you will have more and more power compared to the state when you were helpless. One thing though. Don’t try to solve a situation with violence when there was no-violence against you, but because you are angry with someone or you feel hurt about something e.g.: because someone left you. We should respect others free non-violent choices! Don’t limit yourself that that is the only person you can get love from since you can get love also from an animal if love is your desire… Previously talked about that you can claim back power from negative situations, but you can also claim back power from positive situations, but that would only lead to a colorless boring life, especially if we cannot live in the no-thought state…

So to see the world as a hologram can help you to experience less fear and less negativity. If you say that this is just a beautifully constructed very detailed hologram, this is just a Total Immersion movie, you might have more confidence in dealing with fearful situations, and your appetite of taking (first smaller) risks will increase. And remember that as soon as you start thinking negatively, or as soon as you start craving for things and situations you give your power away. If you want to achieve something rather do things that you believe that they will help you to realize your dreams and don’t let negativity concur you again. Be a grass that don’t fight against the wind but rather bend and later stays up again and watch out for your thinking and especially the feelings (whether it is created by a thought, or a situation where you don’t think) cause your feelings indicates where you give away your power.

Your 2nd phase goals

Your goal in the 2nd phase is to recognize what your expanded self want to experience and if you know or guess what she wants “dissatisfy” her. If she wants you to experience fear be neutral than shift your emotion. And if she wants you to experience happiness, well give it to her. Cause this is your goal as well: -To be happy or neutral.

Your additional goal in the 2nd phase is to expand and to accomplish more and more from your non-violent desires. So my method of setting up goals, to know yourself and to learn how to meditate can be a great help and a starting point in this endeavor. You have to work always with what you have at hand; if you concentrate on what you don’t have you will always find yourself in a miserable situation with limited options emerging again in the game. Additionally appreciating what you have can help you to have a peace of mind especially if your desires are far away in the time dimension because of your beliefs (that you cannot immediately alter not to be so).

To work on your goals it can be helpful if you know what major games and scenarios you are playing in order to change certain patterns (especially those that you don’t like). E.g.: what is your health game, or what is your body game (how you age, how your back hurts, the conditions of your skin and hair…), what are your TV news games, your people games, what are your mind games, situation games…

In every situation you got 2 options. You can follow the old pattern or you can use a new one. It’s up to you what you choose. Usually choosing a new pattern can create many interesting and even unpredictable patterns and you have no clue what the possible outcome can be for those patterns (especially if the method you use never existed before). You can loose that holographic job but you can get promotion in case you disagree, and this can happen because in the hologram there is no cause and effects. Which means that you might get different results that you would have expected if you were followed your old thinking pattern…

Getting more energy and having more power

To know how much power we give away all we have to do is to observe our feelings. In reality we are the creators of our feelings and not just that we create also the intensity of those feelings. We can “measure” how much power we give away to situations and outside events through the intensity of those feelings, and if we observe them we can see that many times they contain really powerful energies. And these can be so powerful and destructive energies that they can even make us ill especially if we never express them. Naturally there are many outside events and laws that prevent us to follow and express our real feelings, but we can express them in safe environment to lessen their destructive effect on our body and soul and to see how they look like and how powerful they are so as to be able to include them in ourselves. (Osho developed some dynamic meditation techniques in order to help people express those suppressed feelings and you might want to try them out while you are at home or with friends with similar mindset.). So what I recommend is that be the anger and the hate in those situations, observe the feeling, observe your body parts, the pains and shakings, but don’t direct them towards people because that can create more trouble for you. Shout and hit a boxing sack, and only in self defense use that power to defend yourself (which can also mean that you don’t enter fight but you use all your strength to reach a safe place). If you can include these energies in yourself you’re going to expand since you can handle them and you can make them dissolve in those situations without any problem. But you must see and know them in order to deal with them. Additionally if you will face with those feelings later you can easier accept them, you might developed a method how to express them safely and thus you will be comfortable with them and you don’t blame yourself if they arose in you, because in reality that part is hard to control. Forget about how you should feel about situations according to social norms, since if you feel in a way, that is how you feel, but if it is negative you should rather not direct toward non-violent people and work on dissolving those feelings, so as to expand your emotional scale that you can handle safely (without even hurting you). You can still follow behavior lines if you feel that that would better serve your interest, but don’t lie about your feelings especially to yourself. If they are there they are there.

By applying the hologram theory to negative situations it is easier to laugh off those negativities and the importance we attached to them. Observe those situations bend like the grass (which means apply the available tools at hand) and appreciate truly how real they appeared and give credit for the “Expanded Self”, since she worked a lot to make them believable (she designed all the smallest details, she had to put many layers together…). Apart from that you should also appreciate your feeling- and thought-creations as well since you are the co-creator of your Universe (and you are responsible for the reaction, feelings and thought part). Please note that even if you can live in the no thought state, feelings can be there with their full intensity and that is why it is recommended to express them and make them dissolve in order to be able to handle them and not to be handled by them. Dissolving means that if you were successful those situations cannot produce those feelings or such intensities in you in the future and thus you can remain calm and passive towards situations like that later in your life. If it is important to note that if you cannot deal with the situation in the heat of the moment you can later rediscover and relive those situations and express those feelings with their full intensity (especially if you are still under their influence) in a safe environment (e.g.: in your room), where you cannot hurt anyone and where your actions will not be judged by anyone. E.g.: you can shout without feeling embraced or you can release your desire to physically fight by simply hitting a pillow or a boxing sack till you get tired and mentally calm which enables you to see things more clearly or differently, which can help you to come up with better solutions. If you start to have more confidence in situations and if situations which were previously considered extremely negative by you cannot induce strong negative feelings in you and if you can control your feelings and you can calm your mind down in important situations that’s the sign that you got back your power from those negativities and thus you became stronger. Dissolving is not equal with the state when you don’t express your feelings and you have abdominal pain and you shake from anger. Those are the signs that you are still under the influence of the situation, and it’s a warning that there is still a job to do with the reclaiming power exercise.

Please note that the way I described the method of dealing with hologram is different the way other “expert” books describe it! They certainly left out the no-mind part, but my main goal is with this book is to help you to get into the no-mind state first, because from there you can get the greatest inspirations and energy. As I said earlier I think that if you have many problems in life maybe viewing 100% everything as a hologram and believing that there is no cause and effect might not be the easiest thing for you to do. Might be, but not necessarily, that’s why I included this chapter in this book. I also talked a bit negatively about the Expanded Self, and viewing the “Expanded Self” negatively might be not the best idea if you decide to follow the hologram idea, but the negative view maybe more motivational if you want to reach the no-mind state first. From the hologramic point of view it is better to view her as someone who wants you to have more power in life, and that’s the reason why she leads you to those uncomfortable situations since there you can extract the most power if you can conquer them.


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