Natural choices and stressless living

Natural choices and stressless living -to lead a healthier life and to spare the environment (1.0)

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Introduction to the Natural Choices section

Living healthier does not necessarily mean a longer life expectancy, or a better (e.g.: emotional) life, because there are many factors that contributes to our overall experiences, but it can expand our possibilities by not being dependent on expensive medical products, and thus living healthier can help us to experience more joy and happiness (because we are healthy) but also it can help us to have more money for other important things and to have more freedom from companies. Chemical products on the long run usually adversely affect our health, and even though we can live with them pretty well for years, we can usually only achieve that longer life if we take other chemicals that can balance out the others negative effects although those ones will also create other problems, which can be only solved if we take even more chemicals, which can make us completely dependent on companies…   Chemical products additionally have negative effects on our environment, since they poison our rivers and thus the water life, and they poison our soil and our air as well (which is not fair towards our ancestors, towards us but also towards any other creatures).

If someone believes in conspiracy theories against humans by some wealthy families, we can say that by poisoning our water, air, and everything that surrounds us we give immense power in the hand of these individuals, because if we become ill, and if we become fully dependent on their medicines, since those substances are not present in nature, but we need them to be alive, to get our hands on them we need to accept the terms and conditions we are given which means usually the attached price tag of those products. In that situation the only question is how much you are willing to work in order to live? If you earn 1000 dollar a months and if your expenditure with the rent is 900, and if they want to charge you 300 dollar for your medicine you can be in a big trouble, but they could even say 800, and you cannot do anything about that. This is what dependency is. If all of our water is poisoned, we need to clean the water with special devices, which means again, that they can charge whatever amount they prefer for the water. Maybe now they give it to you for 10 dollars, but in reality if they say 400 and all the local water is poisoned, and can be cleaned only with special patented devices, you would either pay that 400 or you will be ill and you will pay 800 for your medicine, or you can steal water, which can land you in a prison cell. Naturally their slogan is that it is not necessary to use their services, and you have free choices to go to other companies, or to filter the water yourself, but if all the company charges you the same, and the filtering devices is 1.000.000 dollar because of the patent I guess we can consider it as a not really fair choice… And the problem is that if you are dependent you are even ready to work 330 hours a months to be able to pay for your costs, and apart from that you might even have to eat from trash to make ends meet…

Sadly in our current society buying natural products are very expensive (or rather more expensive than the chemical counterpart), and many times manufactured products with harmful additives taste better, because they experimented with more tastes. If the natural product is in the same price range compared to the crappy but well advertised product, many people who could afford it, would choose the crappy one, because the advertising campaigns attach a status symbol to those products. Most of the time the prime costs of the similar products is the same, or only a few cents were saved in producing the cheaper lower quality products, in order to give the famous product (that cost 2-4-6-10-times more) a better acknowledgement. (Quality is actually 2nd by those well known products, because even if they could last a few months or years longer, they will be thrown out when the new product line appears, but after a certain amount of time surely, because they are designed to be so).

(Again if you believe in conspiracy, we can say that the chemical products are mainly cheaper, because on the long run, they make you ill, and thus you have to pay more to the companies if you have to buy medicines. And being dependent from a not natural product is very hazardous and risky, as far as your freedom is concerned…)

So I would say that if you can afford try to use as many natural products as you can, thus apart from being healthier you will also support the companies that produce them and this can lead to lower prices, because of the better utilization of the machines in such factories, and it can lead to a healthier environment. I think by selecting the natural products you don’t necessarily have to opt for the very expensive rare products (e.g.: drinks that costs 20-60 times more (because they are from a very rare cactus) compared to the regular products), because I think they are not that good to spend all your savings on them (which can put you in negative financial situation), while you could by simple cheap ones that produce the same effect. If you cannot afford natural ready made products don’t create unnecessary stress in you and if using home made natural products seems too complicated for you, use the chemicals till the other ones would not be that expensive and meanwhile read self help books and start working on better systems. But if you cannot afford those products, because you smoke, or because you buy famous trademarks you rather consider decreasing you consumption from those lines, because investing in your health is more beneficial than showing off for poorer people (especially if you have to take up a loan to be able to do so…). Hopefully in our near future these products would not be overpriced and would be affordable to everyone, and chemicals would be banned. (In my system only natural products would be allowed, they would be tested by experts and the formulas would be publicly available for all of the products, with an additional possibility to participate on free courses. Such products would be created locally (or in the closest area possible), thus we could save on transport, and fuel, and we would save time as well globally.)

In reality to make natural and healthier choices we don’t always have to buy things –sometimes leaving out products from our life would make us much healthier, and doing so we can even save money, and that money we can invest in our progression or to buy natural products, that will help us to maintain our health.

Natural cleaning, washing, showering, beauty… products

In the following I will give you some ideas what you should consider if you want to introduce more natural products in your life, as far as cleaning, washing, showering, beauty… products are concerned. At some point sometimes these are just simple inexpensive elements (with only one or a few ingredients), but there are some complex products, with rare components which require some expertise. Many natural products could be actually made by anyone, who could work from simple or a bit advanced recipes, but the “problem” with homemade natural products is that people don’t really trust them, and even if they would trust, don’t like to experiment with variations, they don’t really understand how to use them, how they work, or whether they are safe to use or not. Buying such products (that could be also made home) can be expensive, even if the simple elements they were made of would cost only a few cents, since we have to pay for the people who created them for us. Naturally we can face additional problems if we want to experiment with making them like e.g.: the ingredients cannot be bought in our local stores, or it can be that they are banned from private use (even though companies can use them), but it can be that the components are incomprehensibly expensive (e.g.: they would cost more than the ready made product…). But whatever is your situation you will hopefully know how you prefer to act. My article is not complete, and I encourage you to read additional articles, and also to experiment with your options, but if you choose to create home made products always read the safety instructions and the “manuals”… So if you don’t like to spend your time in your kitchen experimenting with things, you can consider these few points while buying these natural products. So if you go to shopping:

Choose natural makeup that doesn’t contain chemicals (or don’t use them at all, especially if you have a clean face).


Try to wash your clothes with natural products like cooking soda, lye-ashes, washing nuts… (Please read all the safety instructions and the “manuals”, and learn everything before opting for this option, because e.g.: lye ash can be dangerous -so keep away from children and the usage of gloves and glasses is also advisable!). So to be on the safe side I would rather recommend the washing nuts.

Try not to use deodorants, body sprays that contain aluminum (the problem is that almost all of them contain this substance, and those which don’t contain this element are not that effective, or don’t smell that good).

Try to use natural cleaning products and natural shower gels, shampoos.

Try to use essential oils to fresh up the air in your room (besides opening regularly the window as a base idea, especially if you are not living in a big town, where the air is dirtier as it is in villages…). Coming up with great combination is not simple, and if you don’t really have a sensitive smelling rather leave this job to others, since there are oils which don’t really smell that good. If you are interested to experiment with this idea read some articles how you can make them. Usually all you need is your selected oil, a spray bottle, and distilled water (or alcohol). Be aware however, that certain products in similar sized bottles are synthetic and they are cold aromas, so check always the bottle and don’t necessarily choose the cheaper ones, but buy real essential oils.

Additionally you can also make your own perfume with some vodka and/or distilled water, essential oils, fragrance oils, but even with flavors like vanilla extract… -I did not share the actual drop numbers and water quantities but on the internet there are many pages where you can get such information if you are interested how to make them…

As I said this list about natural products is not a complete list, but in case you did not heard about these kinds of options this can be a starting point for your journey. The ready made products that you can buy in shops can be expensive as I’ve already said and some of the scents don’t really smell good (which can be problematic if it is about a deodorant or air freshener), but that you have to find out about yourself… (I think creating air freshener at home with essential oil is actually really simple, and compared to the ready made products it is also very cheap, and I would recommend it as a starting exercise…

Natural food choices

Since I’m vegetarian (although I’m a vegan 90-95% of the time) and since vegan lifestyle helps animals to feel better I would advice you to eat only plants, crops, fruits and vegetables. Be a vegan 85-100% while you’re at home and at least 80-90 % if you go out than while out in the remaining 10-20% be vegetarian who apart from plants eats sometimes diary products and free range eggs from animals who live freely and under acceptable conditions. I know that sometimes ready made vegetarian products (like: e.g.: sausage…) that replaces animal products are overprized and are expensive, and we might feel excluded from the society if we stop eating meat products, but I think we should take that inconveniences in order to lessen the animal sufferings… If you are good in the kitchen you could additionally experiment making your own home-made vegetarian sausages and cold cuts, since the taste is usually about the right seasoning, and probably you could make them quarter of the price compared to the price shops are selling them. (Sadly we are still living in a society where almost every cake contains eggs or milk, even if in some cases it would not be necessary (similarly to the gelatin in Haribo products, where they could use plant based gelling agents…) and for some it would be hard to say no all the time, but hopefully in the near future we don’t have to make such choices, because there would be only bio plant based and some free range products.)

I would advice you that if you have a garden plant some fruit-trees and vegetables and try not to use toxic chemicals while caring for them. Otherwise if you can afford buy bio products. In reality 100% bio product is something that is non-existential on Earth, since because of the transportation (trucks and planes), our air contains many poisonous gasses which usually land on our vegetables and fruits. Bio rather means that the producer avoided spraying the plants with chemicals…

In you are into the no fat in food lifestyle I would say that don’t live an oil free life, because oil is necessary for your body to utilize some vitamins, because there are the vitamins (A,D,E,K) that can be only absorbed if dietary fat is present in your diet. So if you e.g.: eat mushrooms to get your vitamin D, always eat some oil with it

   Buy products that don’t contain chemical preservatives, coloring, flavor enhancer like e.g.: glutamate and any other chemical elements (especially if there are similar products that were made using natural technologies, and rather support the industry, which produces their products in the natural way, by buying their products.). (If the company use heat to make its product last longer, you should know, that this technology does not involves chemicals…and you should prefer this kind of preservation method.).

   Eating normal muesli on a daily basis can help your bowel movements. The real muesli consists only of rolled oats or other raw grains, dried fruits, seeds and nuts. You can mix them with milk products (soy or rice milk), but it can be mixed simply with water adding a bit refined sugar to it (and this is how I do it). If you eat only bread you have to know that when you eat it, its components will stick together, and it’s very hard for your bowels to move down this compact creation. Fiber can help the bowel to move the food faster, and can be great against constipation. On the other hand not well chewed muesli can create uncomfortable moments in the intestines -blowing up feelings and winds. So I would advise you that if you eat bread eat also a few gram of rolled raw grain, how much you need to feel yourself better and to help your bowel is about observation…

As far as bread concerned we should prefer the ones that were made using only the base ingredients which is flour, yeast, a bit water and salt. The other components are not necessary, and maybe on the long run they make us ill. (There is not even a need for using preservatives to have our bread last for weeks, and I think companies should prefer this method…). If you don’t like the quality of your local bread alternatively bake your own.

I don’t recommend replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners (like e.g.: saccharin), and sometimes even the Stevia products can contain chemical elements, especially since some research suggests that artificial sweeteners can cause allergy, and this is what I believe too. Rather drink products with sugar and additionally do some exercise or eat less, than use that sweetener, or drink simply water, lemonade, water with sugar and cinnamon or herb and fruit tea (without teabag)…

   Buy quality (not necessarily the most expensive) foods, rather than ready made junk.

If you choose to eat frozen foods, you don’t microwave them, but use the old way which was heating them up with the oven. By micro waving your foods you destroy the water-molecules which means that you lower the quality of what you eat…

You might want to avoid or reduce the consumption of overly salted foods (e.g.: like chips and salted peanuts) as well, and if it is a possibility choose the non-salted versions or alternatively by certain products (e.g.: by salted peanuts) you can wash away some portion of the salt before consumption by water. Eating less salt is important because all the ready-made food contains lots of salts, and some of them (e.g.: chips…) too much salt, which according to medical studies can lead to several health issues and tiredness…

Additionally many experts have concerns regarding GMO = (Genetically Modified Organization) foods. Although these foods are officially approved in many countries (in some countries they are banned) many experts say that these are responsible for cancer, allergies, and they can even cause infertility in the 3rd generation (which means if the grand parent eat such food, their grandchildren might be infertile.

Try to use less, but rather no bottled water. If you are concerned about the quality of your tap water -buy products that filter your water, since they at least require less plastic and other materials to create them.

   Avoid Cola like products -those are just water with sugar or saccharin with some flavor. Buy instead products with 100% fruit content and add some water to them while drinking. (You should also know that these days most of them are made from concentrates, still I think it is better than the no real content drinks.). Also better than the Cola products are the fruit juices with 12% fruit content -at least they contain some fruit (and hopefully no chemical additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. If you can, try to blend your own fruits rather than buying ready made drinks (which you probably do if you have an orange farm in your backyard).

I think drinking Coffee can be addictive and additionally it can increase blood pressure (if they contain caffeine). Rather sleep more and live healthier than rely all of the time on this substance, since usually it require lots of transportation.

   If you buy tea, prefer those that can be made locally or regionally and use those tea plant substitute herbs, grasses and fruits. We should also consider buying the ones that come without teabag to save materials, and to reduce transportation costs…


   Have a good sleep, have a peaceful mind, introduce some relaxation period in your days and do some yoga and meditation.

The way we feel has great effect on our health, so it is recommended to think positively, to maintain high vibrational level and to avoid people and places where we experience lots of negativities, or at least we should minimize the time we need to spend in such places and situations. Sometimes to be able to leave negativities and to break free we need to persevere and we need to leave our comfort zone which might be not stressless and can also be risky, but if we are successful we will have a much happier and peaceful life, that we cannot achieve without a bit stress and leaving our comfort zone. I think if we are in a position we should not tolerate violent people, because by doing so we give them more power over us, and I think if we accept the way our current society and the different companies operates we will only experience more and more stress.

Do some exercise: walk, do some bending, stretching, gardening and some sports, but don’t overdo them. In principle rather do exercises than buy slimming products that are full of artificial components and we should rather invest in preventive methods than later in medicines.

Since high healed shoes (and extremely tipped shoes) on the long run can damage and deform your toes, (because they are too tight in front and thus they squeeze your toes), I would advice not to use them, or to use them only very seldom, even if you say that it is comfortable. I think it’s not true that wearing them will make people look better, since if someone looks great, she looks great whether she wears or wears not that particular shoe… Additionally I think it is not fair that by certain companies high healed shoes are strictly enforced on women as part of the compulsory uniform, because of the shoe’s adverse effect on the feet, especially if women have to stay all day long while wearing them…

If you have painful ingrown toenails because of your tipped shoes, you don’t need to have an operation, but there’s a product called 3TO-spange, spange but in certain countries it is know as B/S-brace, which can help you to get this painful experience behind. This treatment is usually performed by foot therapists or a doctor, and usually within a few months problem is solved.

If you have certain illnesses you can use reflexology as a complementary treatment for illnesses and also as a preventive measure, but you can additionally massage your aching body parts. There are many reflex points on our feet, hands and ears and these points correspond to different body organs and systems and according to certain teachings pressing these points have beneficial effect on those organs and also on our general health. It is recommended to press all the points while doing foot, hand or ear massage, and we should especially pay attention to the points that hurts if we press them. There are many books you can buy about this topic as well, and since it is a health related question I shall say that consult with your doctor even if he/she has no experiences with it…

I already wrote in the food section of this chapter, but since it also fit to the health section I will repeat that, we should avoid chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings… and many other forms of chemicals, GMO food products, we should use the least possible amount of pesticides by food production.

If possible drink as less alcohol as possible and avoid drugs. Since we know the harmful and addictive aspects of these substances I would not recommend them. In general if you drink alcohol don’t overdo it, and if you use drugs always be in a safe environment. If you are violent because of these substances do it away from people and away from other creatures to avoid causing any harm or accident and don’t drive your car (but also other vehicles) while under influence.

   Smoking can be an addiction and it makes people dependent on companies, and can lead to various health issues. If you do smoke, do it away from the non-smokers, if they have problem with it.

   Clean yourself regularly that is to say don’t forget to bath (especially if you are in a position to do it regularly), and wash your teeth many times a day. I think it’s not necessary to bath every day (even though I almost always do so), but only if you worked hard and did some exercises, on the other hand don’t wait till you smell or till you are dirty. This means that there are days when you take 2 baths and there are weeks when you bath only 3 times a week. (On the other days you could wash your delicate parts daily and your teeth after every meal). If you shower and bath too often you wash away the healthy bacteria as well, which might be not a good idea as far as the immune system is concerned. (If you are in a sexual relationship consider your partner’s view about the matter.) (In reality bathing is not a requirement for living and there are special circumstances that people cannot bath anyway and they survive, without health problems -e.g.: a few days long mountain climbing…, but since we are living together, we should rather do this favor for the others but also for us, and as a closing idea remember washing your hands after toilet properly (especially after the bigger one.)

If you are in a sexual relationship use condom if you don’t know your partner or if you live in a free relationship or if your partner doesn’t use the pill and you don’t want to have children (even if it is said that it’s not 100% reliable). Since I’m not an expert I cannot say anything about the health effect of the different hormone tablets and pills, so everyone should research the topic more deeply, before making a decision…

An important thing about a not normal intercourse is that by anal sex there’s a high chance of various infections therefore those who like to practice this form of sex condom, lubricant and hygiene is extremely important. (The mixed anal and normal intercourse and mixed anal and oral sex is particularly avoidable.) Additionally if someone found out or guesses that he/she has a sexually transmitted disease he/she must abstain from sexual life till he/she recovers, or till he/she finds out about his/her state. (Especially couples who prefer to have more partners should undergo such tests regularly so as to filter out such diseases and in case the illness is present all the other partners must be informed in order to stop the spreading.)

As far as sex movies are concerned I would say that if it helps you to reduce your desire or if it helps you to be calm especially if you don’t have a partner, watch them. And if you’re a pervert you rather watch them or if you don’t have such videos, because you are extremely perverted, rely on your imagination than to do something disgusting in real life. Please note that by watching such films you are actually support the porn industry, which might be acceptable if the “actors” are well paid, but if the video is private release we never know the circumstances of the filmed men and women, which can be something really awful.

If you have any other infectious (especially serious) illnesses stay away from people till you are healthy again. It would not be fair to make others ill.

You can also try out the liver flush and/or how to deal with gallstones explained by Andreas Moritz in his book titled “Amazing liver cleanse”. The liver flush is not entirely stressless process, and maybe you will not experience anything different after the process, but as an alternative medicine, if you don’t have illnesses that would jeopardize your health you might consider trying it out, after consulting with your doctor… On the other hand the gallstone method is actually stressless, but since this is also a medical issue, consult with your doctors.

Many people suffer for hemorrhoids or piles, and many would choose operation to get rid of permanently but sometimes only temporarily from this condition, but if you are before an operation, you should know that there are some home remedies that might be helpful to cure this illness, but this paragraph is not just for people who suffer from this illness, but also for people who are healthy, since knowing preventive methods is the key to remain healthy. So it is said that if you should sit longer periods of time (without standing up a little bit and walking around), or if you have to stand all day long, or if you have constipation (because you leave out high fiber from your diet, or you don’t drink enough), or if you are overweight or if you have to lift heavy objects many times a day you have higher chance of developing this illness. Sitting on cold surface doesn’t contribute to the illness (even though you can get cold), but actually ice can help you to reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoids. For that all you have to do is to apply an ice cube to the swelling for a few seconds or 1-2 minutes, but you must avoid direct contact with the skin -so you can use e.g.: a paper handkerchief… But apart from ice, the conventional treatment include many ointments and gels changing eating habit, and reducing the pressure on the lower area of the body (e.g.: if you have to sit all day long at your workplace you could sometimes walk around or you could sit on donut pillow…). Since I’m not an expert please consult with your doctor about the different methods, and let him/her determine your actual illnesses and cures, because there can be other ailments that can be present, and than look for further information about the topic if he/she recommends operation. On the following webpage you can read more about this illness (and about conventional and alternative treatments):, but there are other sites that you might want to check out… (Please note that I don’t advertise this site and its product, but from the link you can actually get a free report, and additional ideas about the topic -this is why I included it.)


Environment is necessary for our and every other creatures’ surviving and but also for our and others’ evolution. If we ruin her, if we don’t care for her, if we don’t respect her, if we cannot accept her laws, we will suffer as much as she does in the form of illnesses but also in the form of natural disasters. Caring for our environment is our obligation for our own and for our ancestors’ good, and we should do everything we could to restore her to her healthy state.

In reality there are many things we can do to save our environment, and with the natural cleaning products section I already gave some tips, but here is a few more in case you are ready for a greater or maybe an easier commitment.

The first thing you can do is to buy product that can be recycled, and collect your garbage separately -especially if your town offers such service. On the other hand if you eliminate throwaway products from your life probably that would be the best choices (since collecting garbage also involves transportation which pours toxin in the air).

If you can afford buy quality tools and devices (not necessarily the newest ones), but you can rent or borrow them from companies or from your friends if you know that you will not use them often, or you will use them once. If our tools last longer, we will use less material even if sadly most of the tools are constructed to last only for a few years and are full of limitations… -even the best ones. Good tools serve us better and since they are more reliable they also reduce our stress factors while working with them…

If you can afford, use environment friendly technologies whenever possible. If we have a choice and if we can afford we should buy energy saving devices. Sadly these are many times more expensive that the old models, even though they require the same amount or less material -e.g.: LED light bulbs compared to the old light bulb versions… The problem is that even though companies could manufacture only the best technologies, because of patent restrictions they rather use the old wasteful versions. This is why I think we should get rid of patents…

If you have a car and if you don’t need it for your work use less your car, or better don’t own a car. Cars are no good for the environment since they pollute our air, rivers, and earth and they create lazy and ill people if we look at the whole thing from the health point of view. So if the shop is 20 minutes away, why not walk? And if you hate to go shopping think that it is just a walking exercise. Using public transport, walking or using our bicycles are the environment friendly alternatives for cars. (Since electronic cars require accumulators, which are toxic for the environment, we can say that currently we don’t really have fast environment friendly private transportations and to make it worse electricity sometimes is created by burning coal or in hazardous nuclear power plants using radioactive materials.)

I previously mentioned that we should avoid buying bottled water, but bottling water additionally that it is a waste creation it has additional negative environment impact. For this process we need to use trucks to transport the water, we need lots of plastic, we need many quayside workers, lots of administration, warehouses, machines, marketing… and naturally we pay also for the attached management lines, CEO-s, and business men for all of the involved companies. Even if the throwaway plastic bottle will be reused in other pointless products, recycling also involves many companies to collect the special garbage and to transport it to places where they can be transformed into the base plastic components. Millions of man-hours are wasted in the process and in reality only few years ago everyone was happy with tap water, not to mention that we are still use tap water to cook various dishes (e.g.: soup)…

We can also reduce our impact on the environment if we choose to buy products in our local stores instead of ordering them from far away places, especially if there is not much price difference, since thus we can indirectly reduce toxic gas emissions and pointless man-hours in the transportation industries… Local shops employ usually local people, which reduce the unemployment rate in the area, and if we support them (if their prices are fair) by buying their products, we will ensure that they will be around for a long time, which is good for the local economy.

Also in general I would advice to use less plastic, and petrolatum products. For children you could even give wooden toys instead of plastics, but you can also create such products at home…Many creams contain petrolatum even products for babies! -I guess we just cannot trust these big companies anymore. They smell great, and we were told that it was tested dermatologically, but many products were banned that were previously considered harmless… -so we should rather opt for the natural products whenever it is possible to be on the safe side…


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