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“Life is a big problem solving experience and 2 of the basic problems are feeding and sheltering ourselves.”

“The only reason you do something is because you’ve got a problem”.

“And if you got so far why don’t you spend a little more time to learn and discover something new?” N.S.


On this page you can read about how to get my books.

The easiest way to read most of my books for free is to visit their dedicated websites (see below) or to subscribe to my newsletters. If you decide to subscribe you will get the link where you can download the pdf versions of them.

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(In the upcoming months I will release my 3rd book about meditation, and then I’m planning to release a book about how our Universe was created from the spiritual point of view -which will be quite a unique book and which is not about the Hologram theory that I’ve already covered in my 1st book. In the first few weeks of my 3rd book it will be available on my sites and also by various retailers’ sites e.g.: Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, … (except on Amazon) for free, then it will be enrolled to the AMAZON Kindle project which requires exclusivity. While the book will be on AMAZON you can read it through Amazon Unlimited for free or you can download it 1-2 times a month for free. The reason I enroll the book to the Kindle project is to utilize Amazon’s advertising tools, but probably I will introduce some periods when I’ll take out from the 3 months long periodical program, so as anyone without an Amazon account can download it for free.)

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And if you are not into subscribing or if you would like to support my work check out also the other options. (Click on the underlined green texts to get to your preferred option):

Read a small description about my books

My 2 books are:

Meditation and the Book of Time and Life Management 1.01 -by Norbert Szentkereszti (2015) 1 -Meditation and the Book of Time and Life Management (2015)

This 350 (A4) pg long book consist of 4 parts. The first part deals with meditation and spiritualism (including the solfeggio frequencies, hologram theory and the Holy Cross). The 2nd part is about Time management. 3rd part is about Healthy moral values, vegetarianism, and natural choices. And the 4th part is about some self-help ideas. (Please note that in 2017 I will release the updated edition of this book.)

The motto of my 1st book is: “To have more peace of mind and to spend more time with the most important people in our life while living for our non-violent desires”.

Cover -Meditation -The quick guide for the busy people (3.02) 2 -Meditation, The Quick Guide for the Busy People (2016)

This book is around 50 pg long and it only deals with meditation and it discusses the topic in a more detailed way compared to my first book.

“…don’t philosophize but put yourself into the experience and you will know. Don’t complicate too much, don’t rely upon other people’s opinions (especially all the time), but follow your heart, rely upon your feelings, listen attentively, take the good advices, be creative, do your homework, be prepared than take the risk of doing (and sometimes the risk of not-doing)”

In the upcoming years I also plan to release a couple of more books.

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Read my books online

To read my books online for free please click on the pictures or the links and you’ll be directed those pages.

Meditation and the Book of Time and Life Management 1.01 -by Norbert Szentkereszti (2015) 1 -Meditation and the Book of Time and Life Management (

Cover -Meditation -The quick guide for the busy people (3.02) 2 -Meditation, The Quick Guide for the Busy People ( (around 50pg)

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Buy my books on my site

If you liked my books, please help my work by buying the books or please share them with others who you think would benefit from my ideas. Now you can buy all my books at one stroke and you can pick the amount how much do you think they worth. As a thank you for your purchase apart from the free pdf you will receive 2 extra formats (epub and kindle).

(To read about how to transfer Kindle books to the Amazon Kindle devices and to the Kindle for PC Software click here.) The transactions will be handled by PayPal on its own site, which means that the process is the same like checking out on eBay (so you can use your paypal account or you can use your credit/debit card without signing up to PayPal). If you would prefer the wire transfer option please rather Help us Grow .

Please note as you’ve got the option of reading my books in advance, and since buying my books are voluntary I cannot offer you a refund if you buy my books and then if you later change your mind. This is simply because I don’t want to deal with unnecessary administration, as that would cost time which could be allocated for more important matters.

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Buy my books at my Retailers’ sites

As I’ve already explained -you can read all my books (that are not enrolled into the Amazon Kindle select program) online for free, and you can read the pdf versions of those books free of charge if you are subscribed to my newsletters.

Then if you would like to support my work further you can buy some of my books at my retailers’ sites. In all of my books I embedded a link to a webpage where you can download the updated editions free of charge, even if the new editions will not be available on the site you purchased the book or even if the new editions will be a separate listing on my retailers’ site due to the new ISBN number assigned to them.

Currently my 1st book is only available on my sites (officially) as I removed it from all of my retailers’ sites.

My 2nd book is available on my site for free (in pdf format), then it is available at Amazon, Applestore, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Thalia, plus around a more 40 sites… ) and it is around 4 dollar.

My 3rd book will be available initially (for a few weeks) on my site and on the major book-selling sites except on Amazon. And it will be free of charge. Then since I will enroll it to the Amazon Kindle Select Program it will be only available on the Amazon websites and it will be around 3-4 dollars -although in every 3 months there will be 5 days when I will make it available for free -although you will need an amazon account to read it -which you can open free of charge even with your “fake” email address…

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Support my work

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I spend the majority of the donations on a self supportive and fair system design and advertisement.

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