Time management -Summary of the most important points and ideas

Time management -Summary of the most important points and ideas (1.0)

This article is from the book “Meditation and the book of Time and Life Management (version 1.0) -by Norbert (2015)” (To read the whole book online visit book1.vr2b1.org or subscribe here and get the pdf edition for free.)

The point of time-management is to have more time for the most important people and for the most important non-violent activities in our life, because that is the only way to get the most joy, happiness and satisfaction out of life. Using time management to be able to spend more time with people we don’t really like or to be with activities that don’t satisfy our non violent desires, especially if those activities are not in alignment with our goals can be considered as a very pointless, senseless and meaningless thing to do especially if this is something that we do all the time. We might have more money and maybe more fake control, but if we spend that money to buy luxurious items, (like bigger cars, houses, rings, necklaces, expensive foods, famous expensive trademarks, or we spend our money on luxurious travels just to show off to other people that don’t matter) we only lessen the point of being with activities that we don’t even enjoy. Rather a smaller house and no car, but more time for our loved ones, for ourselves and for the activities that we enjoy doing. I’m not saying that in certain period of our life we should not concentrate our effort on earning more money with the help of time management, but if we have a nice and quite place to live in and we have some savings we can reduce our participation in that money collecting area of our life. Saving time to watch TV or to play video games, while being constantly tensed up and stressed out by doing things faster and superficially will destroy our effort of living a peaceful and joyous life. If you want to use time management in order to be more with those timewasters, rather don’t save time, forget about the saving techniques, walk slower and experience more peace in your life.

To be able to manage your time effectively you have to:

Know yourself (your real needs, likes and dislikes, habits and morals)

   Know the most important peoples, things and activities in your life and know which ones enjoy priorities (according to the 3 main time-periods). (I don’t recommend prioritizing moral values towards non-violents, but we can have best practices towards violent people in order to know how to deal with them, when we are around them.)

   Recognize the 3 main time-periods in your life (and in your days). These are 1) “the working period”, 2) “the time for ourselves period”, and 3) the “people that matters the most and maintenance period”. We have to know which activities enjoy priorities while we are in those periods (even if they last only for a few minutes).

   Deal with your timewasters and time-stealers: This is essential to gain back control of your life. These only rob your time from your high priority activities.

   Create supporting habits and surroundings around you. Spend as less time as possible with negative and violent people. Consider spending your time rather in parks or in libraries…

   Set up and prioritize your non-violent goals (and support them with “business reasons”): Having a prioritized goal list can help you to allocate more time for the most important activities. For many people it is better to have only 1-2 larger goals at a time per the 3 main-time-period than to have 10-20, because if you have to pay attention to too many things (especially in the beginning) the result will be poorer if not impossible. (The business reason can help you to evaluate how important the actual goal is and it can be used as a support by prioritizing.)

   Create plans to get to your goals. Know the timelines, sub-goals you have to achieve, prerequisites you have to acquire and activities you should do in order to get closer to those goals. Plans give you directions and plans can help you to include the most important goal supportive activities on your daily task lists. An important thing regarding plans is that, if you have a plan, don’t spend your time admiring it continuously. Select the activities for the day, and work on them. By making certain activities and habits part of your lifestyle you don’t have to plan them daily since they will be automatically included in your days, which means that you can concentrate on other goals instead.

Have plans for traveling and waiting times -you will be less frustrated if you find yourself in such time-consuming situations if you can use those minutes to relax or to improve yourself.

   Have special to-do lists and “daily task lists” with additional supporting papers and documents -To-do lists contain all the activities that support you to get closer to your goals. Having place, person or activity based prioritized to-do lists can help you to deal with the most important activities when you are in those situations. Having a best practice list for scheme and routine tasks can additionally help you to accomplish tasks without the necessity to think about next steps, and supporting papers (Notes of the day papers, content pages, contact details) with the methods how to use them can help you do be more organized. In the end of this chapter I provide you with a checklist, what to-do lists you have to check while creating your “daily task” list.

In general when you are working on your goals, or in reality on any supportive, useful, joyous activity, you must concentrate your attention, time, energy to the situation at hand. Good plans can help you to allocate time for the most important activities in your days, and they can direct your energy towards your top priority goals, although if they are poorly created and if they don’t consider your non-violent real needs and desires, you can have as much joy and misery in life with plans as without plans. If you are habitually spending your money on useless things know that money is a time-reserve and having this at hand can help you overcome some negative financial situations. It can be helpful especially in the beginning if you monitor your effort to see whether you are going to the right direction and whether you progress with the speed you planned for yourself. If you face something inconvenient remember that sometimes you must leave your comfort zone to get results! (And as an additional idea, if you have the opportunity to participate in a very expensive journey, but you have to spend your days with people who you don’t like, rather choose spending your time in your home town with people who you like (except if you are really interested in that place)).

Checklist for the “daily task” list:

While selecting the activities to your complete “daily task” list you have to check:

  • Calendar entries about meetings and appointments (and about weekly recurring events and work or home days)
  • Daily task list for advanced booked events for the day (which are items without exact starting or ending hours)
  • Notes you took on the latest day. (You have to read them and extract relevant information regarding to-do items and calendar entries)
  • Your weekly and monthly goals to select activities that are in alignment with your top goals
  • Routine activities that you could do on the day
  • Project statusstart days, approaching due dates, due dates… and especially project steps that need to be solved on a day.
  • And additionally check whether the day and also your forthcoming days involve traveling or meetings with special people with whom you want to discuss various topics and questions that you collected throughout your preceding days…

When you selected the activities for your daily task list as a final step you have to prioritize the elements and also consider in which time-period you can do those activities, so whether day are private matters or business matters…

My advice for the time management part of this book is to read the articles first, make notes, than whenever I suggest sit down and do the exercises and set up those goals and plans. If you’re not determined and if you are not committed to achieve your goals you will probably fail in achieving them. Sometimes you need professional help like good teachers, but still you have to do the actions. Teachers will give you homework, but if you’re not cooperative or if you don’t trust them, and if you don’t follow their advices you will fail or at least you will need more time to get to your desired level, except if you found a better method, while reading other books in your free time, which helped you to expand your options to have further opinions and knowledge about the subjects you are working on.

There are naturally many other books you can read about time and life management, but don’t loose yourself in reading 20-30 books about the topic and don’t speculate about the theories without practice and experience. The final step after reading these books is always an action from your side, which means that you have to sit down and set up your goals, create those supportive plans and to-do lists, and when you have them, you have to plan your days and than you have to follow those plans. So the final goal of the time-management and any other practical books is to inspire you to act. Read one or two more books if you feel the necessity, compare the methods, select one or two, try them out, have practice and experience, and while working on your goals and if you still want to improve yourself allocate some time for other books. If you decide to read more books about time management and if there are many authors you can choose form, opt for the ones, where you like the author’s style, so read a few lines or chapters before buying them…


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