When predators become prey

So what happens when we unite or when we gather the courage to stand up for our rights? Well, we’ll be free from constant threat and abuse and will be free to live peacefully and to concentrate our energy to create and to be creative. Alone we’ve got no chance but together we win.

“We should be like green eating animals, but we should not allow predators, flies and leeches to disturb our peaceful existence. We will share our meadow, they can eat our grass, but we will not give them our flesh, blood, health and peace.”

Some of my favorite pictures that demonstrate this idea:

Lion vs. Water buffalo


(photo by David Woollacott)

Buffalo charges Lions

by Amy Nichole Harris (shutterstock)

Elephant chases six lions away from tree

by nwdph (shutterstock)

Buffalo attack lion

By Lyle Gregg (Shutterstock)

Water buffalo vs. Lioness


Water Buffalo vs Lioness 2


Flying Lion: Buffalo Launches Predator Into The Air – YouTube

Wild boar vs. Leopard



leopard vs wild pig – YouTube

Zebra vs. Lioness


Zebra beats Lioness

Birds vs. Snake


Frog vs. Snake


Snake vs. Hawk (When 2 predators meet 01)


See Lion vs Shark (When 2 predators meet 02)


Fox vs. Stag